Let's Jade Roll

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Here to talk about the latest craze of jade rolling! If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s the newest way to keep your skin looking great! Using a jade roller has a ton of benefits for your skin as it has been shown to help eliminate puffiness, improve skin elasticity, boost circulation in face, help infuse serums into skin, prevent wrinkles and tighten pores!

 Even though jade rolling seems new, it has technically has been around for centuries dating all the way back to ancient Chinese medicine. It was believed to remove toxic and negative energy.  The jade roller I use has rose quartz instead of jade- this supposedly promotes healing and love energy that can help replace negative emotions. I tend to add jade rolling to my evening skin care routine 3-4 times a week! Here

Step 1:

Optional- Pop jade roller in the freezer overnight or for an hour or two. It will feel extra amazing on your skin! 

Step 2:

Remove make up and wash face with cleanser.

Step 3:

If this is the first time using a jade roller just rinse it off with water and dry. If you have used it more than once make sure you are cleaning it every time!

Step 4:

This is an important one do NOT use without any serum or facial oil-otherwise it will tug at your skin or irritate it!

So gather whatever serum you want to use! I usually like to mix my coconut rose oil ( 3 drops) with my glossier brighten oil ( 2 drops) and rub it my hands and put all over my face.



Step 5:

With the jade roller start moving it in an upward and away manner making the serum seep into your skin.

I like to start at the top of my face and slowly move to down, making sure you are doing the up and away motion. The jade roller itself has two sides that roll a larger portion and a smaller portion. I would use the larger portion for areas like your forehead, cheeks, and chin. And the smaller portion for everywhere else!

Step 6:

Use 3-4 times a week! You will see results soon!


The little Mystic

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