Self-Care Sunday

  • Let's Jade Roll

    Hey Guys! Here to talk about the latest craze of jade rolling! If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s the newest way to keep your skin looking great! Using a jade roller has a ton of benefits for your skin as it has been shown to help eliminate puffiness, improve skin elasticity, boost circulat... View Post
  • Self-Care Sunday

    Hey Guys! After a long week I love to give myself a nice self care Sunday! I listed out all the steps I take in order to get this perfect set up. CREATE AN OASIS. It’s all about the atmosphere. Create an amazing spa like place to be. I dim the lights and light my favorite candle! And I play a sp... View Post
  • Quit Worrying

    Hey Guys! Worrying is a part of human evolution. Millions of years ago if you worried it was probably so you wouldn’t get eaten by an animal or didn’t eat a poisonous flower. Today worrying has morphed into an addiction caused by things like someone not texting you back or checking WebMD too muc... View Post